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 Printing information
Printing industry information
 Common problems
What are the points for attention in the specification of printed document design?
Because the printing process is not very familiar, the design of the document is not standard enough...
What precautions are there in designing printing?
1. the text on the page shall be more than 3 mm from the cutting edge of the cutting edge...
What are the common materials for custom cosmetics packaging?
In the cosmetics outer packaging box printing quality indicators of the cosmetics, cosmetics...
What are the points to pay attention to in the process of food packaging?
If a beautiful and beautiful packaging can drive the essence of the product,...
Reasonable selection of packaging materials to ensure the safety of frozen food
Frozen food refers to the quality qualified food raw materials after appropriate processing,...
Common problems

On the design and production of production, such as delivery of common problems:
Quantity and volume:
[1] the number of paper products, the more than 10000 of the plastic bags, the higher the quantity, the higher the price, the specific contact consultation;
[2]. because plastic bag production cannot predict the final actual production quantity, according to the usual rules of this industry, 10 % deviation is allowed to be settled in real number.
Type of design and production requirements:
direct vector graphics: CorelDRAW, illustrator's cdr, AI, pdf and other formats, the text must be converted into a path or curve, so that the font loss and no font can match; If the bitmap is a bitmap, the resolution must be above 300 PPI.
Product catalog and template:
there are a detailed catalogue of products in our web page. But all products are tailored, so we don't have a standard form of product catalog.
Price list and quotation:
price list: our products are customized products, the cost of the products is calculated according to the specifications of the customer, the materials used, batch, printing requirements, etc., so we do not have a price list in the standard format.
Concerning transport:
With the need, you can choose to send people to pick up, shipping, express, and so on. If you are near Shenzhen, we can deliver your home or express delivery free of charge.
Payment method:
after you determine the order, we charge the full copy preparation fee to start making, 30 % of the pre - receipt payment, and then start the preparation of the printing bags and bags, complete your order within the time agreed by the parties, and pay the remaining 70 % of the goods after delivery and inspection at the agreed place.

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